Pisa Pit Stop

11 July, 2015

As you can image, Pisa is a pretty cool place.  It has a leaning tower, which effectively epitomises the worst of Italian engineering BUT does lead to really cool photos!

On the way from Switzerland to Florence, we were able to stop briefly at Pisa.  And by that, I mean that we had exactly forty minutes to quickly explore the famous piazza of the grand Piazza dei Miracoli (i.e. the place where all the famous photos are taken).  We were able to take a few pics and have a quick peek at the Duomo and the Baptistery before rushing to take our essential Tower photos.  Mind you, it is quite hard to hold a pose when people are pressing past each other all over the place, everyone desperate to get THAT photo and it’s a forty-degree day.

But we managed quite well, making it back to the bus before our hour parking was up and collapsing back into our seats, already exhausted from the draining Italian heat – an unwelcome and confronting change after the coolness of the Swiss Alps!  Though we all managed to snap our much-desired shots and powered onwards, relaxed and Florence-bound.

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