Gelato by the Pantheon

12 July, 2015

I think it pertinent that we all appreciate that there is a place in the world which sells one hundred and fifty different flavours of gelato.  I kid you not.  One hundred and fifty different flavours.  Of delicious and smooth Italian gelato.  It is called Della Palma, is situated near the Pantheon in Rome, and is a haven for any gelato connoisseur.

The flavours that may tickle your fancy are categorised into a variety of gelato ‘types’: cream gelato, fruit sorbets, dried fruit gelato, gelato made with soy, yogurt gelati, and so on.  Featured on the flavour board are no less than sixteen diverse chocolate gelati – and this is not to mention the number of other gelati that contain chocolate!  The little gelato bar even boasts a variety of mousse gelati, including Baileys, profitterol and coffee flavours.  Add to this the range of chocolate bars-turned-gelato (Mars, Kinder and Ferrero Rocher are favourites), the eighteen cream gelati flavours (take your pick from flavours including but not limited to cappuccino, rum, caramel, liqourice, Irish coffee, limoncello), and the gelati dei dolci classici (gelati of classic desserts, including Sicilian cassata, the pastry millefoglie and, of course, tiramisù), and you can be rest assured that every individual will be able to find something to satisfy their gelato desires.

After a long day walking through Rome in 41°C heat – and this is at 6:00pm, mind you – we all needed a nice refreshment, a break, a pick-me-up.  And mine came in the heavenly form of three creamy scoops of croccale di pistacchio (crunchy pistachio), mascarpone nocciolatte (mascarpone and hazelnut) and cioccolato “roché” (like a Ferrero Rocher).

That is all I have to say.  I will let you dwell on the divinity of such a combination, and imagine our sweet sighs of contentedness, the exclamations of delight, and the general accord that we would be back there tomorrow.  I will allow you to imagine the sudden energy with which we struck forth, the renewed determination for adventure and more gelato, and the consensus that we had been led to the greatest gelato bar in Rome – possibly in Italy.  We had found our gelato haven, our saviour of the tastebuds, and we were incredibly satisfied.

So I will let you imagine that creamy goodness, melting slowly in the Roman summer heat as we walked past ancient forums and theatres.

Oh, and I will just leave this here …

gelato !
gelato !

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